Vanaf 2007 is er een samenwerking met Dhruba Giri, directeur van Sapana Village lodge en oprichter van Sapana Village Social Impact (SVSI). Inmiddels is SVSI onze vaste partner in Nepal. Lees hieronder hun visie en het mooie verhaal van deze bevlogen Nepalese ondernemer en weldoener.

The Sapana Village Social Impact

Missie van SVSI:

Our mission aims to help and support the local community in the Chitwan area in Nepal. Our goal is to improve the living conditions of the people who are living in this region, acting in 4 essential social aspects: Health, Education, Environment and Local Economy. Our projects are stimulated by a“do it yourself” approach to allow the locals to become independent people, promoting sustainable results and ownership and encouraging empowerment.

Dhurba Giri General Manager

Dhurba Giri is the founder of the development organization Sapana Village Social Impact (SVSI). In 2000, he started to run a small hotel and in 2004, he bought a piece of land to build a lodge. This was made possible thanks to people from the Netherlands who gave him this opportunity, especially Judit and Herman Hümmels, their family and Hooge Raedt Social Venture. “I met Judit Hümmels while working as a waiter in a restaurant. She asked me what was my dream and I shared it with her: to start my own business and to do something for the community.

My dream was heard and I was financially supported by Hümmels’ family with 5000 $US to start to realize my dream in 2001. Then, I could rent a little hotel at the river-bank. Soon after, I could offer jobs to other local people. Then, Hümmels’ family became involved with the project through “Stichting Do-It” to develop a framework for raising money to contribute on social development projects in Chitwan region.” This grew into what it is now: Sapana Village Lodge and SVSI.

At the beginning, it was Dhurba’s dream to not only be independent, but also to serve the community. In 2013, this was materialized in the creation of a non-profit organization (SVSI), where different projects could be housed.
From the beginning, the intention is to use the profits of the lodge for development-projects, and to make it possible for the poorest part of the population to use them. Dhurba is now Managing Director of the lodge and unpaid General Manager of SVSI.